Moving Out

Moving Out Procedures

Minimum 30-Day Notice Is Required

Please review your latest Rental Agreement to be sure the term of your lease has expired so that you can move without penalty. We must receive a written notice that you will be moving out at least 30 days before you intent to vacate:

  1. Please download, print, and fill out completely our 30 Day Notice to Vacate form.
  2. You may turn it in to our office personally, fax to (559) 225-3174, or scan and email it to our office.
  3. Your notice will become effective the day it’s received by our office, even if dated earlier.
  4. Our office will mail out an Acknowledgement of your 30 day notice within a few days of receiving it.

Preparing To Move Out:

  1. Make sure to download our Move out Guidelines, please review carefully.
  2. If you would like to be present for your final walkthrough, please call one week in advance to schedule.
  3. All personal belongings must be completely removed before this final walkthrough.
  4. All keys must be turned in at this final walkthrough, including mailbox keys and garage remotes/keys.

Cleaning Instructions

IMPORTANT: You will be liable for any changes incurred to remove Pet, Cooking, Body or other lingering odors after move-out. Here are areas we suggest cleaning thoroughly before your final walk through:


  • Clean Refrigerator thoroughly inside, out and under, defrost, clean grooves of the seals
  • Turn Refrigerator to low setting but leave on to prevent mildew
  • Clean stove, oven racks and stove hood including filter, and replace stove burner drip pans. Remove excess oven cleaner (with glass cleaner or vinegar and water).
  • Remove all black spots from the oven interior.Important>>>>>Turn breaker off while cleaning range for personal safety.
  • Clean dishwasher inside and out, and wash the door seal. Clean all cabinets and drawers thoroughly inside and out. Remove all shelf liners.
  • Clean sink and polish faucets.
  • Sweep and mop floor thoroughly – No black marks should remain


  • Clean toilet thoroughly inside and out (be sure to scrub tank, underneath rim and base)
  • Clean bathtub, shower stall & polish faucets. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Ajax.
  • Clean fan cover, light fixture covers and exhaust fan grate.
  • Clean sink and polish faucets.
  • Sweep and mop floor thoroughly – No black marks should remain

General Cleaning, Other:

  • Vacuum thoroughly (including removing cobwebs on ceiling)
  • Carpet Spots/Stains: ImportantDo NOT use bleach on carpet! Any carpet spots or stains should be discussed with property supervisor prior to cleaning attempts.
  • CARPET CLEAN: Do NOT have your carpets cleaned at Move-Out. Regency Property Management reserves the right to have the carpets professionally cleaned; and cleaning cost will be taken from your deposit. If carpet needs replacement due to excessive staining, pet urine or lack of care (i.e., not vacuuming or cleaning on a regular basis) – you will be charged.
  • Clean all windows, patio doors, tracks, and all window coverings
  • Clean all light fixtures, outlets & switch plate covers
  • Clean walls and baseboard as needed
  • Wipe off all doors including closets
  • Sweep patios/decks and remove cobwebs
  • Sweep and mop floors thoroughly – No black marks should remain
  • HOLES IN WALLS: Do NOT PATCH Holes in the Walls UNLESS you PAINT with CORRECTMatching paint. It is more cost effective to have our Maintenance Vendor patch holes and take from your deposit, then re-do something done incorrectly.
  • Remove ALL Debris and Sweep out Garages and Storage Units GARBAGE: If you have non-standard items for trash (tires, barbecues, old electronics, etc) –You MUST arrange to haul these items away or you will be charged.
  • If you are responsible for Yard Care – make sure Yard is Mowed, Edged and Weeded within 7 days of vacating premises.