Dear Prospective Tenant:

Thank you for considering our community for your future residence! The following guidelines have been established so that all applicants will receive the same consideration in determining their eligibility:

To apply as a potential renter, you will be required to pay a $30 NON-REFUNDABLE PROCESSING FEE FOR EACH ADULT 18+, payable in a Money Order or exact Cash ONLY. No personal checks, online payments, debit or credit cards are accepted. Each applicant who will be living in a unit must turn in their own INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION for the process to begin, no exceptions. Persons applying for the same property as roommates must turn in applications together. All application requires 3-5 business days for processing.


MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY The maximum number of people that may occupy a rental unit is determined by the number of bedrooms as follows:

1 bedroom = 3 occupants

2 bedrooms = 5 occupants

3 bedrooms = 7 occupants. 

CO-SIGNER REQUIREMENTS: All of the above, PLUS Must be employed with the same employer for a minimum of 2 years, and must meet or exceed five (5) times the rent. Must have exceptional credit (FICO SCORE ABOVE 750). Must have an excellent rental history or be a current homeowner. NO EXCEPTION!!!! All paperwork signed by the Guarantor must be notarized if not signed in the presence of a Company employee.

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